TEDxRainier 2014

What do we know about our world, our minds, our universe? How do we know what we don't know?


TEDxRainier is an independently organized TED event, offering an unforgettable day of short talks by live speakers from many disciplines. While each of our talks carries its own ideas worth spreading, we also weave our program loosely around a theme.  

This year the  theme for TEDxRainier is "The Known and the Unknown". Our talks this year will explore knowledge and the lack thereof, going to the edges of what we know and think we know, and beyond. We'll look at hidden and new knowledge, knowledge worth caring about, and examine the drivers of knowledge, in our region, city, communities, businesses, and in ourselves. We will share new research, undiscovered and previously inaccessible ideas and stories lurking nearby, in science, in technology, in design, in art, and in the world around us.

Explore beyond what we already know. Our speakers will share their wide ranging ideas from disciplines including the life sciences, environmental science, art, business, technology, and much more.


Don't miss out on these exceptional speakers:



...and more to be announced on the TEDxRainier website at tedxrainier.com.

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Event Details

  • Nov 22 , 2014
  • 8:00am
  • $35 - $250
  • Parking is available at theĀ Mercer Street Garage, conveniently located across the street from McCaw Hall.

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