Guest Information & Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered below, feel free to fill out the Contact Us form.

General Guest Information

What happens if I’m late for a performance?

Patrons arriving after curtain time may not be able to enter until the next available entrance time. Performances may be viewed on the monitors in the lobby until this entrance time. Please note that the box office/will call closes 30 minutes into the show. Tickets may not be available after this time.

What is a McCaw Hall emergency contact number that I can leave with my babysitter when I attend a performance?

Inform those who may need to reach you in an emergency to call 206-733-9722. Leave your section, row and seat number with your babysitter so you can be identified.

Is there a dress code for attending McCaw Hall events?

McCaw Hall is your performing arts center and we want you to feel most welcome regardless of wardrobe. The type of event, for example a rock concert vs. an opera performance, is often the best indicator of what you might feel is the most appropriate wear.

Men wear everything from casual slacks with a button down shirt and jacket to jeans and a polo shirt or t-shirt. Some men even prefer wearing a suit for Opera or Ballet performances. Attire for women varies from dresses and skirts to slacks and jeans. Regardless of your choice, we want you to feel comfortable enough to truly enjoy your experience.

As in most establishments, shirts and shoes are required at all times.

Where can I make a comment about my experience at McCaw Hall?

We welcome your feedback. Fill out our Contact Us form to send us a comment or ask a question.

When should I arrive for the show?

McCaw Hall inner lobby is open 2.5 hours before performance start time. The auditorium doors generally open 30 minutes before performance start time. We do encourage you to arrive early and enjoy the pre-show discussions prior to Opera or Ballet performances as well as any of our dining options.

Are there dining options in McCaw Hall?

Absolutely! We have a variety of dining options available during most performances. Please visit Dining at McCaw Hall for a list of dining options, including our in-house restaurant Prelude and concession stands.

What does Prelude restaurant serve on any given night?

The menu at Prelude changes frequently. Dining at McCaw Hall has the most up-to-date menus.

Where should I park?

There are several parking garages and street parking available around McCaw Hall. Details and directions are listed in Parking.

What are alternative methods of transportation to get to McCaw Hall?

McCaw Hall is accessible by various types of public transportation, including bus and the Seattle Center Monorail. Visit Getting Here for further information.

Am I permitted to record or photograph a performance in the theater?

Video and/or audio taping is prohibited during all performances. Cameras, including those on cell phones, are not permitted.

What if I have an emergency while watching a performance?

Contact the nearest usher staff person for assistance. Our staff will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to assist with your particular emergency.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

If you realize you have lost an item while attending an event, please inquire with any of the usher staff or House Manager for assistance locating the item.

Lost and Found items are taken to the Seattle Center Customer Service office inside the Seattle Center Armory. Please call 206-684-7200 or fill out this form to inquire about a lost item. When filling out the form, please specify "McCaw Hall" in the additional details field. It may take between 24 and 48 hours for a found item to be transferred from McCaw Hall to the Customer Service office.

Is there any special etiquette that I should adhere to when attending a performance or event?

To assure that everyone has a great experience during the performance, we ask you follow the below guidelines:

  • Silence or turn off devices that make noise or emit light; this includes cell phones, wristwatches and any other electronic devices.
  • Minimize noisy disruptions such as talking or rustling programs.
  • Unwrap all candies and cough drops before the lights dim or at intermission.
  • Please use moderation in applying perfume, cologne, or scented lotion as many people are highly allergic to perfumes.

Please feel free to call 206-733-9725 for more specific advice about a particular show.

How can I sign up for McCaw Hall's Email Newsletter or Eblasts?

At the top of the page, select the icon that looks like an envelope. You can also sign up by clicking here.

Where can I find a map that shows McCaw Hall on the Seattle Center campus?

You can find a map by clicking here.

What types of items are prohibited?

As a part of Seattle Center, McCaw Hall first follows Seattle Center's Campus Rules regarding prohibited or restricted items. You can read the rules by clicking here.

Additionally, depending on the event, there may be additional rules in place for safety or other concerns. These rules can vary from requiring no bags in the seating area to requiring no cameras.

Ticketing Information

What is your policy about bringing children to a performance?

We request that there be no babes in arms. As a courtesy to audience members and performers, please use discretion regarding a young child’s ability to sit quietly and enjoy a performance. If your child is having an issue with sitting quietly during the show, there are monitors on all lobby levels on which the show can be viewed. All persons, regardless of age, must have a ticket for admission.

Contact the Seattle Opera’s Box Office at 206-389-7676 for information on whether a performance is suitable for children. If you are bringing a child to a performance, it may be helpful to familiarize them with the story and the score so that they know what to expect.

The Pacific Northwest Ballet provides a list of the most child-friendly ballets of the season and further information about bringing a child to Pacific Northwest Ballet performances here. If you have additional questions, please contact the Ballet’s Box Office at 206-441-2424.

How do I find out if a show is cancelled due to snow or other natural event?

Pacific Northwest Ballet is committed to honoring its performance calendar and generally will not cancel performances for any reason. In the unlikely event the status of a performance does change, an announcement will be posted at and on PNB's social media, and PNB will email all affected ticket buyers.

Seattle Opera is committed to performing as scheduled. In the unlikely event the status of a performance does change, it will be posted at You may also call the ticket office at 206-389-7676. The voicemail will be updated if there are any changes to the schedule. In the event of significant snow in the area and you are unable to attend the performance, you may be able to exchange or donate your ticket. Visit Seattle Opera for more information on inclement weather policies.

If a McCaw Hall ticketed show is cancelled, Ticketmaster will automatically send an email notification to the address provided during purchase with further instructions.

Can I have someone else pick up the tickets I ordered at the box office/will call?

  • If you purchased your tickets directly from Pacific Northwest Ballet, call 206-441-2424.
  • If you purchased tickets from Seattle Opera, call 206-389-7676. 
  • If you purchased tickets via Ticketmaster, you can transfer your digital tickets to someone else using your Ticketmaster account. Find out more information here.

Photo identification will be requested at the box office window for anyone picking up tickets.

If you purchased your tickets via any other source (alternative website, including ticket brokers and resell sites), our box office staff may not be able to assist you.

Can I replace my tickets if they are lost or I forget them at home?

  • If you purchased your tickets directly from Pacific Northwest Ballet, call 206-441-2424.
  • If you purchased tickets from Seattle Opera, call 206-389-7676.

You can always go to the box office when you arrive and have the tickets reprinted. You will be requested to show photo identification and/or account information to get tickets reprinted.

If you purchased your tickets via any other source (alternative website, including ticket brokers and resell sites), our box office staff may not be able to assist you.

How can I purchase tickets to a show?

Visit Purchase Tickets for general information on purchasing tickets at McCaw Hall. If you are looking for a specific performance, visit  Events & Tickets for information on purchasing your ticket!

Where is seat 1 in each row?

Seat 1 of each row and section is closest to center stage. In the center sections (1, 31, and 41), seat 1 is on the house right side of the section.

Do you offer discounts on ticket prices?

McCaw Hall and its resident tenants have special offers and promotions when available. Visit Special Offers for the most up-to-date information.

How can I get information on season tickets?

Season Tickets are available directly from each of our resident organizations. Visit Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Opera for more information about their season tickets.

Where is row AA in section 1, 2, or 3?

Rows with double letters (AA, BB, and CC) are at the back of sections 1, 2, and 3.

What is your refund policy?

All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges available.

If you are unable to attend a Pacific Northwest Ballet performance, you may donate your ticket back to PNB and receive a tax deduction by contacting their Box Office at 206-441-2424 at least 24 hours prior to your performance.

If you are unable to attend a Seattle Opera performance, you may donate your ticket for resale by calling the Ticket Donation Hotline at 206-676-5544.

For further information specifically about other McCaw Hall ticketed shows, please click here.

What is the first row of each section?

Row A is the first row of each section.

Does McCaw Hall offer Group Seating?

Visit Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Opera for information on their group seating ticketing. When available, McCaw Hall events will offer group seating. Visit Group Sales for more information.

Why has Ticketmaster flagged my tickets as 'obstructed view'?

In Orchestra 2 and 3, rows B and C have a number of seats listed as obstructed view due to the possibility of seats in row A being sold as ADA accessible. We can't guarantee the height of a wheelchair, so the seats are flagged in Ticketmaster's system as obstructed view.

In Orchestra 1, rows AA, BB, and CC may have a number of seats listed as obstructed view due to a mix position being used for particular shows. Note that not every show uses this mix location.

Boxes A, E, AA & EE are listed as obstructed view because the vantage point from these boxes does not allow you to view the full width of the stage.

ADA / Accommodations

Do you have wheelchair accommodations at McCaw Hall?

Yes, McCaw Hall is ADA compliant. You can read more about our various accommodations here. If you have a specific disability access need, please tell the box office when purchasing your tickets. McCaw Hall holds special needs seats as long as possible for our ADA patrons; however, if a show nears selling out, these seats may be released for general sale.

I don’t need a wheelchair seat, but I do have another disability. Are you able to accommodate my needs?

McCaw Hall is ADA compliant and we strive to accommodate the needs of all of our guests. Please visit Accommodations for Disabled Patrons to read more about the different types of available accommodations. We recommend discussing your needs with box office personnel when purchasing your tickets. Feel free to contact us directly about your particular situation by filling out this form.

I use a motorized scooter. Are there restrictions in McCaw Hall regarding their use?

Yes: Motorized scooters are allowed in all lobby spaces at McCaw Hall but not in the seating areas of the auditorium. If you need assistance from the lobby to your seat from the scooter, please inquire with your ticket taker or available usher. We can offer a transfer from your scooter to a wheelchair for travel to the seating area if necessary. Please note that Guest Services staff are not allowed to assist patrons in any way that is load-bearing. They can’t lift patrons out of scooters and chairs or in & out of cars, etcetera.

I recently became temporarily disabled due to a medical condition (surgery, broken bone, etc), but I would still like to attend the performance. How can I still enjoy the show?

As soon as you are aware of a change in circumstances, please contact the box office of the event you are attending.

If you are attending a Ballet or Opera performance, it’s best to contact their box office personnel directly for the quickest service.

Seattle Opera is available at 206-389-7676.

Pacific Northwest Ballet is available at 206-441-2424.

For all other shows, contact McCaw Hall by filling out this form.

It is best to have your ticket information readily available, including the section, row and seat numbers printed on the tickets.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to use the tickets you originally purchased. If your tickets are in an area that is not easily accessible or may provide a detrimental experience due to your new circumstances, we will work with you to seat you in a comparable, yet accessible, location.

Do you have assistance for hearing impaired patrons?

Assisted listening devices (ALDs) are available at no charge. The ALDs are available right next to coat check, which is located on the north end of the building, just past the main ticket control area. We do request that you leave a piece of photo ID in exchange for the ALD. The ID will be given back to you when the device is returned.

I need to bring my service animal to an event. What do I need to know?

Service animals are permitted inside McCaw Hall and must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. Aisles need to be clear during each performance. If you intend to bring a service animal to an event, please notify the box office when purchasing your ticket so that an appropriate seat may be reserved for you. Standard ADA guidelines regarding service animals apply.

Can McCaw Hall provide Sign Language Interpretation?

McCaw Hall is able to provide Sign Language Interpretation for select concerts. Interpretation services are not guaranteed for every event; however, we will make every effort to accommodate each request with appropriate advance notice, at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. Please contact us by filling out our General Inquiries form for further information.


I would like to have my company meeting at McCaw Hall. Do you have banquet or meeting facilities?

Yes! Our private rooms as well as our spacious lobbies are available for rent and feature professional catering by Spectra Food Services & Hospitality.  Please call 206-684-7103 or visit Plan Your Event for more information.

Do you rent the theaters for events such as weddings, graduations or parties?

Yes! Our beautiful theaters are the perfect setting for weddings, wedding photography, graduations, business meetings, receptions and even movie shoots! We can customize an event to suit your every need. Please call 206-684-7103 or visit Plan Your Event for more information.