The Neukom Family 2nd Tier Lobby

South end of the Neukom Family 2nd Tier Lobby

Banquet reception on the Grand Lobby

Grand Lobby

Dreaming in Color by Leni Schwendinger



Kreielsheimer Promenade Lobby

The Kreielsheimer Promenade Lobby is the main entry lobby of McCaw Hall, soaring four stories and open to the other lobbies above, and featuring An Equal and Opposite Reaction, a sculptural installation by Sarah Sze. The lobby is enclosed by a serpentine glass wall with views of the public courtyard outside, which is marked by a captivating blend of colored light on nine 30-foot tall sheer metal scrims and a unique water feature. The Kreielsheimer Promenade Lobby is most often used for pre-event functions such as registration or cocktails, prior to a main event on the Grand Lobby one level above.

Grand Lobby

The Grand Lobby provides the most function space for larger receptions and banquets, featuring rich colors and elegant lobby furniture. It is open to the Kreielsheimer Promenade Lobby below, connected by a sweeping grand red staircase, and often these two lobbies are used together. The Grand Lobby provides an elegant setting for events with speaker presentations, as the presenter can be featured in front of the dramatic backdrop of the atrium’s glass wall and wash of colors from the lighted courtyard display.

Microsoft First Tier Lobby

The Microsoft First Tier Lobby is the third lobby level, providing circulation space between the Allen Foundation for the Arts Room and the Norcliffe Room at either end. This lobby is often used as reception space in conjunction with meetings or presentations in those two rooms. The Microsoft First Tier Lobby is open to the other lobbies below and affords dramatic views of the glass wall and courtyard.

Neukom Family Second Tier Lobby

The Neukom Family Second Tier Lobby is the top level of McCaw Hall, an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Second Tier Lobby features a western view through the glass atrium wall and its flowing curved shape hides the other lobbies below, providing a sense of privacy and intimacy.